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(data updated to May, 2021)

VFinance, the Top Choice for 1 Million Enterprises

Ant Financial attaches great importance to startups’ technology capabilities when making strategic investments. There was a time when we found that most of the companies we considered good turned out to be using Vfinance account, payment and settlement systems. Most Internet startups can come up with impressive ideas and are equipped with excellent technology support, but when it comes to account systems, capital payment and settlement, their technologies can hardly satisfy the demand, which hinders their development. That’s why Vfinance caught our attention.

——Zhu Chao, Head of the Enterprise Development Department, Ant Group

When we were working on infrastructure construction for road transport logistics, we found it hard to take our transactions online. That’s when we met Vfinance. It’s fair to say that Vfinance found a way out for us at Truck Alliance. Over the past year, the scale of our online transactions has grown from scratch to RMB 20 billion, and it’s Vfinance that’s been providing support the whole way.

——Tang Tianguang, Co-founder of Truck Alliance

We are in the B2B tourism industry. When our company’s transactions reached over 2 billion, we started to really pay attention to our financial management. At that time, as our cash flow and transaction flow were recorded separately, it was really difficult to establish good financial management. So we came to Vfinance. At first, we only saw Vfinance as an technology outsourcing company, but after working with them for a while, we were impressed by the company’s financial expertise and meticulousness, as well as its ability to adjust to our needs at different development stages. Finance plays an important role in industrial development. With the support of Vfinance’s systems, we are now able to deliver financial data as required. Our recent cooperation with MYbank was also facilitated by Vfinance. We really appreciate Vfinances’ efforts.

——Yuan Dong, Founder and CEO of Octopus Online Tourism

We provide business data management services for used car dealers. This job has strict requirements in expertise and meticulousness, so we needed to find a highly professional partner in the industry. It was a wise move to choose Vfinance.

——Yao Junhong, Founder and CEO of Souche

When I first met VFinance CEO Yu,  he was talking about something so professional that I could hardly understand. I came to the conclusion that the man was either a heavyweight or a fraud. Later, I realized that Vfinance, whether in technology, business philosophy or the interpretation of new finance, shares a lot in common with Hexun and meets our development demands. That’s why we chose to establish a strategic partnership with Vfinance.

——Chen Geyang, Vice president of Hexun

The Leading FinTech Operator

We have 13 years of industry experience.

Our team was the first and only in the industry to handle several transactions of more than RMB one trillion. With the support of our technology, and the recognition from financial institutions’ supervision departments, we’ve helped many renowned enterprises to apply for and obtain payment service licenses.

The Leading FinTech Operator

We have served over 150 industry leading enterprises.

With over half being unicorns or publicly listed domestically or overseas, all covering more than 10 industries including logistics, new retailing, transportation, e-commerce, B2B platform and renting.

Why VFinance?


Innovates industry-leading technologies and products

With their universal adaptability, VFinance’s technologies and products have proved to be effective across various industries in supporting enterprises noticeably improve their financial accuracy and capital management efficiency.

With the support of our technologies, and the recognition from supervision departments of financial institutions, we’ve helped many renowned enterprises apply for and obtain payment service licenses.


Empowers enterprises across industries

VFinance built primary internet financial infrastructure for multiple enterprises in their early development stages, providing a solid foundation for them to achieve fast growth.

VFinance-backed online management and financial strategies allow enterprises to win recognition and secure higher valuation in financing.


Creates sustainable added-value for enterprises

As an important part of Ant Financial’s ecosystem and a partner with multiple renowned banks, VFinance is committed to establishing a scenario-based ecosystem that provides sustainable support for enterprises on the platform through a series of professional services, covering Internet finance, marketing integration and financing.

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